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Vaughan Rowsell


With our recent expansion to pop the "Wellington bubble" we are proud as punch to introduce (if any introduction is even necessary) to the first of our Auckland cohort, Vaughan Rowsell of Vend, OMGTech and NZ Hi-Tech Awards.

Vaughan has been an energy ball within the New Zealand tech scene for a long time, winning awards, riding NZ and then riding the worldrunning 1,000km, learning to sing and get paid to sing in front of 100 people., and speaking at TEDx Auckland.

Vaughan appeared on Access Granted in February 2015 (in a packed Golding's witnessing a record breaking Equity Campaign for PledgeMe) and was a pivotal episode for Mike & Raj. During the discussion that follows all new shows we realised that the podcast isn't just about tech but life stories that interest everyone.


As with all our hosts we are asking them two questions, this is Vaughan ...

Why do you do what you do?

I want to make a difference by helping establish NZ as a centre of excellence in innovation for the whole world. Innovation is something kiwis are naturally good at, and in a technology driven world where the majority of work is automated, the ability to innovate with ideas and implement those ideas will become our most valuable asset.

How do you do it?

By leading by example, that’s why I founded Vend, to prove you can do big ideas from NZ.
Next - tell the stories about the awesome stuff kiwi companies and innovators are already doing, like here on Access Granted and the work I do as Vice-chair of the Hi-tech Trust and the NZ Hi-tech Awards. We are already world class.
Lastly, for us to really become a nation of innovators we need the next generation to be no stranger to innovation with tech and this is why we need to inspire the 10 year old girls and boys to pick up technology and explore and invent. So I founded OMGTech! and with the help of the amazing Zoe Timbrell we are giving every kiwi kid, from any background and community the opportunity to learn how to use technology to become our future innovators.
I am fully committed to these three ideas.

Get in touch with Vaughan

Vaughan is all over the Internet and if you're keen to have a chat with him* for the podcast then try the following:

* we at Access Granted make no demands on the NZ-wide hosts and therefore these is nothing compelling them to talk with you - they're all working people doing it out of the love of sharing local stories so please, treat them all nicely.