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Pascale Hyboud-Peron


Continuing our recent expansion to pop the "Wellington bubble" we are proud as punch to introduce to the first of two of the Tauranga cohort, Pascale Hyboud-Peron of Venture Centre.

Pascale, alongside the team at Venture Centre, has been a longtime friend of Access Granted as she invigorates, stimulates and grows tech in Tauranga. In fact there is a definite "before" and "after" feel since Pascale arrived on the scene.

Not only passionate about Tauranga though she plays a key part in bringing many New Zealand tech communities together, travels the country with Start Up Weekends, attends hackathons and quietly cajoles many to then do the same for her home town.

During the 2017 TechWeek Roadtrip we chatted up with Pascale and all the Venture Centre team as they brought together 8 teams of students to create, validate and pitch a full business idea ... all in 2 days - now that's a Mashup!, And this is so typical of Pascale - bringing the tech to the masses and always focusing on encouraging more students and women to participate

As with all our hosts we are asking them two questions, this is Pascale ...

Why do you do what you do?

I want a world where everyone realise their potential by taking control of their own path to success! I believe learning is no longer confined to institutions, knowledge is everywhere, people are keen to share their stories if it helps other grow. I also believe entrepreneurship is a default freedom choice. I see a not so distant future of kids working on meaningful projects they love, small business owners using tech smartly and entrepreneurs increasingly doing good for our people and our planet. I want to help this happen.

How do you do it?

By eating my own dog food! That is by leaving teaching to explore solutions to increase individuals sense of agency, by becoming an entrepreneur and learning new tools, methods to understand the problem to solve, by constantly searching for improved ways to facilitate social learning, by co-founding Venture Centure in Tauranga to foster and develop community learning through workshops, programmes and  experiences,  by fostering community building in and around our coworking space, by creating and maintaining connections with other people doing fantastic similar stuff all around New Zealand.

Some of the stuff I do includes:

Get in touch with Pascale

Pascale is all over the Internet and if you're keen to have a chat with her* for the podcast then try the following:

* we at Access Granted make no demands on the NZ-wide hosts and therefore these is nothing compelling them to talk with you - they're all working people doing it out of the love of sharing local stories so please, treat them all nicely.