Links: NZ Talent, CDOs and Social Media Has Failed

I’m proud that Vend, the NZ Hi-Tech Trust and OMGTech! all believe that talent follows many paths of education. We celebrate the innovative thinkers from everywhere - you don't need letters after your name to prove you can make a big difference. 
Here is to the other organisations who also support this idea.


The outliers’ roadmap for building the data-driven enterprise

Divina Paredes - CIO New Zealand

Katarina Kolich and David Thomas of Bank of New Zealand discuss the close collaboration between their respective divisions - technology and analytics - as the way to go in the digital economy.


Event: Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand

Auckland, 28-29 November, 2017

Bringing Corinium’s globally acclaimed conference format to New Zealand, this is the most comprehensive event for data development and innovation having gained a prime spot on the agenda of C-suite executives across the globe. 
With our uniquely interactive conference format, you are guaranteed to network, brainstorm and bounce ideas with speakers and delegates alike, taking back insights that will feed into real strategies for 2018. As New Zealand’s leading executives tasked with driving the data agenda in your enterprise, there is no greater investment for your time.


Is Social Media a Failure?

umair haque

A Tiny Case Study in Economics vs Eudaimonia
So the proactive question is: how do we build better organizations — that don’t just maximize profits at the expense of well-being, but expand well-being itself to begin with? This is where I think we need to get a little radical, and where I think those of you most comfortable the linear, mechanistic, Western way we think about economics and management are going to get uncomfortable.