And Then There Were 9 - Access Granted Has Expanded

Bubbles, we're all about popping the bubbles we live in and connecting people through the stories we share. 

We are known for our goal of 50:50 female:male as we do our small bit to pop that particular bubble, however we live inside a giant Wellington bubble*. With Raj and Mike being based in Wellington that's no big surprise, but it is a problem, a bubble that we need to pop. And so we put the call out for awesome people to help ... and we have expanded our cohort of hosts to cover Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, and Christchurch**

Say a big kia ora to these amazing new podcast peeps!

Alex Johnstone


Dave Lane


Jagrut Lallu


Jo Allum


Pascale Hyboud-Peron


Vaughan Rowsell


Each will be meeting intriguing Kiwis, recording their stories and sharing them here on Access Granted.

How often - as often as they can.
With who - whoever they bump into, get approached by and want to.
When does it start - it's started already.
Enough with the questions, go say hi and keep your ears peeled for stories outside the bubbles.

And this is just the start ...

* we are aware of many other bubbles, age, ethnicity, diversity of all types ... we're working on them but please don't hesitate to keep us honest and/or help out

** Dunedin! We'd love to have someone help us. And Invercargill, and Queenstown, and New Plymouth and Whanganui, and Hawke's Bay and ... everywhere - let us know if YOU wanna join in with the fun.