Links: What To Expect in 2018

From us you can expect more amazing podcasts from around New Zealand from the team, focused series with much higher production values, a new series called, "Marketing Secrets" and something very special during TechWeek 2018.

Here's what others have to say though ....

Top trends for business success in 2018 from Frances Valintine

Catherine Knowles - TechLab

1. Embracing lifelong learning will be the difference between success and failure
“In 2018 people will finally wake up to the idea that there is no stigma around lifelong learning and embrace the endless ways we now have of obtaining knowledge - from online content, to meetups, to mentoring,” she says.


It’s time to take Digital Literacy seriously

Victoria MacLennan

There is no question equitable access to technology, raising digital literacy and engendering trust in providers are complex challenges. There are however things each of us can do at a localised level.


Five technology trends for 2018

Stuff - Richard MacManus

...  my picks for 2018: cryptocurrency mania continuing, blockchain infrastructure slowly building, Facebook struggling to shrug off its PR problem, a breakthrough AR app with utility, and talking TVs.


Three big tech trends critical for Kiwis in 2018

Vox - Graeme Muller

Digital learning skills, smarter homes and medical drone deliveries will be major tech developments that will significantly impact lives of Kiwis, a leading New Zealand tech expert says.


NZ in 2018: Top 10 tech predictions

James Henderson - New Zealand Reseller News

... according to newly released IDC findings, which documents the ascent of the digital native enterprise across the country during 2018.
During the next two years, the analyst firm expects such a trend to “manifest itself” in expanding digital developer communities, open innovation ecosystems, hyper-agile application deployment technologies and a much more diverse cloud services world.


How 2018 can be a defining year for digital innovation in New Zealand

Stuff - Rod Drury

The new Chief Technology Officer for New Zealand should be able to assimilate all these opportunities and come back with a small number of focus areas we can all commit to.
The world is ours for the taking, and with a small amount of coordination and technology, will make a massive impact on our small but mighty country.