#WellyTech 2018 - one month to go

(from our first email to attendees)

There will so much happening in the 3 hours we want to give you time to prepare for the the grand WellyTech Carnival! Amongst the stalls get your photo taken at The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, grab a bite to eat (yes, there will be candy floss), watch out for Improv Players or maybe even a Storm trooper or two, and make sure you meet as many new people a possible.

On entry into the event everyone will be given a voucher covering the cost of your first drink - that's on the Stadium! We will be operating a cash bar (cash & EFTPOS), but please remember this is not a hard out drinking event AND that we have a strict Code of Conduct. The bar will be open from 4pm-6:45pm ... keep an ear open for a post-event venue if that's what you're into.

We have VR, we have science games, we have the Access Granted Big Top bringing music, comedy, speeches and the WellyTech Awards Finale (WTAF). All around the Member's Lounge are seats facing away from the hullabaloo of the fun fair, looking down onto the field and the quiet of the empty stadium. 

There's a lot going on ... but mostly it's about us, the Wellington tech community to say hi, catch-up and have a laugh. 

If you ever want the latest, forget what where and how we have EVERYTHING on https://wellytech.accessgranted.nz/

FULL EMAIL: https://mailchi.mp/7c18d91ab20e/wellytech-2018-one-month-to-go