$10 For Those Without A Named #WellyTech Ticket

We know, people will bring along their mates at the last minute, some people won’t turn up at all and so the attendance will all even out. However, we really REALLY love people that let us know they are coming (get a free ticket), or tell us (in good time) they can’t make it - send an email to wellytech@accessgranted.nz

IF, however you do turn up without a named ticket here’s the deal:

  • You’ll get a handwritten name label

  • Sorry, but not free drink

  • It’ll cost you $10 to get in

TEN DOLLARS! Yes, however you’ll be doing a good thing as it all goes straight into the pockets of The Neonatal Trust, the event charity partner.

No cash - you’ll have a an Apple or Android smartphone no doubt - just download the Givahoy app and pledge your $10.