A Change For System Error

‘Twas back in September 2014 sitting in the media room at the Microsoft TechEd conference that Mauricio walked into our lives with a rant about … about …l well, it’s not important what it was about but it was a rant he needed to get out of his system. “There ya go guys, that’s gotta be a regular podcast sessions”, piped up Phid … and thus System Error was born

During it’s rowdy, beer and whisky soaked times it’s had many people join us at Golding’s Free Dive and we thank each and everyone of them for bringing the rants, the discussions (often wide reaching and nothing to do with tech) - loads of fun. Well, loads of fun to be there but bloody horrid in the ears, despite Raj’s sound editing wizardry, for anyone listening in.

In 2019 we are going to change it up.

We’re still going to have an open invite for everyone and anyone that works in tech, media, or startups to come along,. We’ll still crowd around a beer, OJ, or cup of tea, and we’ll still make a night of it. However we’ll only record for 30 minutes - and we’ll have a specific set of talking points (no more than 3).

We’ll also visit more venues, not always bars.

Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to let off steam, but also make for a much more conducive listening experience (and a world of difference for Raj when it comes to editing).

So, how do we get the talking points - with a form, of course