The Team On The B Side Stories Podcast

At #WellyTech the most awesome Laura Keown recorded a number of attendees and the team were one of them - listen up,

Laura visited WellyTech 2018 - the tech world's end of year party - and spoke to some of the people who make it happen. You'll hear: Raj Khushal who helped to create WellyTech, Victoria MacLennan who nurtures tech startups in Wellington, Jono Tucker who makes Raj look good with photo and video prowess, and Vivian Chandra who improves the tech systems at the businesses and charities that make the world a better place. They are all part of the team supporting the Access Granted community and making Wellington's (and NZ's) tech world tick.

(Mike was away at the Big Top endeavouring to outbid everyone in the Neonatal Trust Auction for the “4th Dr Who” signed photo … he didn’t get it)