Soundcloud, For Your AG Listening Pleasure


It's true that we've been a little lax in our Soundcloud usage but as of this week ALL our new episodes will be shared with our Access Granted NZ account and are there for you to plug into your ears.

Note: whilst Soundcloud won't have the complete back catalogue this will always be available from this website's Full Archive, and Spreaker.

How to find us on Soundcloud

On the web go to:

Image 2015-10-29 at 12.02.06 PM.png

At the top of the Soundcloud website and apps you'll find their universal search bar, which will make suggestions for artists, music, and audio based on what you enter into it.

Simply enter access granted nz. and voila there we and our episodes are

Once you’ve executed a search their search results page can be filtered to quickly find tracks, playlists, and people. Each category also has additional filters to really fine-tune your searches.

Follow us on Soundcloud

To follow us, you just need to navigate to our profile and click the orange Follow button:

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Comment, Like, and Share episodes

Once you start listening to an episode look for the buttons and push away.
And of course we love to read and respond to all your comments.

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