Whare Hauora - Our Journey Alongside Them [updated]

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We talk to a lot of people and ask them WHY do they do what they do (as well as finding how, what, where, and even when). Quite a few of the people we talk with have the word 'startup' in their profile somewhere, either they are starting up a business when we talk to them, they have come from such a life, or the company they now run has lessons to pass on from it's 'startup' beginnings.

Raj and I approached Hiria Te Rangi after her full episode wondering if we could go beyond the one episode view and do a 'fly on the wall' approach as the Whare Hauora journey ramps up from idea, validation, and now into becoming a reality. Hiria said, "Hell yeah!" ... of course she would, she's both an awesome person AND knows free publicity when she see's it.

We meet briefly with Hiria every Friday (episodes go up the following Monday) for a very quick brain dump of what's been happening in the Whare Hauora story - usually it's a LOT, that's the nature of new businesses, they move at such a rapid speed at the beginning it can be either overwhelming or totally invigorating.

Together with Hiria we decided to focus the catch-up thus:

  1. Product: what's the latest on the sensors themselves
  2. Organisation: how's the charity evolving
  3. Scale: getting the sensors out there to the community

We're gonna be along for the rough with the smooth, the good times and the tough times, and when appropriate give you a few sneak peaks behind the scenes, some early news, and even a chance to ask your own questions.

So come along, join Hiria and ourselves on the hikoi and find out what it's really like to be a startup ... 

Simple honest hardware you can build yourself.

Simple honest hardware you can build yourself.