#WellyTech 2018 - Most Of You Would Pay

Last month we popped out a "Would you pay to go to #WellyTech 2018?" survey as we weren't too sure if we were going to get enough sponsorship to cover the full event and to make sure we get better asd promised.

Just over two thirds of you are happy to pay, and of those the majority would stump up between $10 and $20 - all seems fair enough to uis.

However, it's not just come to the event and throw monery at us, you were very clear that you wanted something for you money:

  • 1 free drink and crappy cheese and crackers
  • "Food, one drink then cash bar, good humans  (taken for granted)
  • Would pay $5 extra for a band"
  • Free stickers!
  • Quality food, good sound, some free alcohol
  • Snack food, a complimentary drink (but pay for others at a bar); a comfortable atmosphere for catching up with people I know and meeting people I don't; Good music from a quality sound system (this does NOT mean loud - I'm not attending a rave; if I can't have a conversation without shouting, there's no point in attending at all).
  • Same as last year pretty much! 
  • Reasonable finger food, cash bar and some entertainment either by fun stuff or outstanding guest speakers supported with quality Audio Equipment. 
  • Booths, speakers, swag, food, and a free bar (or at least a token for one free alcohol).
  • great times good people
  • The world, mwah ha ha ha...
  • I think the event should charge a token amount to create commitment on the potential attendee's end. 
  • A free drink and some food? The content is great already :) 

And those that wouldn't pay have also left excellent reasons why it's just not feasible for them to pay - here's a selection:

  • I'd ask the question "what's in it for me". Last year it was a good event but was more about networking and general information and not in the league that I would expect to pay for.
  • Need more information on what would be worth paying for
  • Because I just wouldn't pay to go to this kind of event. Actually, I wouldn't go at except that it was close to work and no effort
  • Taking time out of an already busy day. Chance to network is fine, but if I'm going to be paying for it will pick something else.
  • I don't expect to pay to network with a huge crowd of 95% introverts. [Mike's favourite comment]
  • "Why not make it Koha?
  • Although the Tech sector is relatively well paid, there are still plenty of juniors and start ups with limited funds. We don't want this to be an elitist event, it should be open to all. You could suggest a donation on registration and on the door for those that would like to contribute.
  • Hard to tell how good it is until we attend so being free encourages me to come risk free so to speak
  • "Access" is the key word. Or have a pay what you want option so that wealthier supporters can effectively subsidise those who can't afford it.
  • I'm a student
  • I liked the event but I guess I dont want to pay just to have awkward conversations with people about tech.
  • "My overall impression was ""trade show"" and I wouldn't pay for it because although it was nice, it wasn't particularly useful.
  • I have young children and babysitter costs plus an event fee would not make it worth it 

We would stress that our intention is to keep it a FREE EVENT - it is, after all, an end of year celebration, a chance to look back on 2018 and forward to 2019. Yes there will be show-and-tells speakers, music (perhaps live), and food (so much food this time) but let's face it, it's really a chance to re-meet everyone from the year, renew those connections, and to have a jolly good knees up. It's a Christmas Party for ALL of Wellington tech community, and no-one really should have to pay for their own Christmas party eh ... we're working on it!

    And finally, we totally shot ourselves in the foot - at the end of the survey we did a sneaky, "Wanna join up to your regular email", and LOADS of you said yes ... but nowhere did we ask for your email address, DOH!

    So join up now ...