Before You Push Record, A Checklist

So, day comes and you’re ready to record a chat - the following is a pre-record checklist that we have created over the years and now share with all those that host an episode for us:

  1. Check your equipment

  2. Get to the venue early

  3. Welcome the guest

Check your equipment

You know your equipment best but really, CHECK THE BATTERY SITUATION!

Worst thing is to run out of power on your recording device halfway through the best ever chat you’ve had … if that happens, meh - keep chatting and enjoy yourself.

Get to the venue early

You want to be able to welcome the guest in, buy them a calming drink of their choice (never insist on alcohol being the only option, it’s absolutely their choice) and settle them in.

The very first thing you want to do is check that the venue isn’t too noisy due to unforeseen circumstances - and if it is and out of your control move to a new place straight away, there is no point trying to struggle through the noise. As you have turned up early you should have plenty of time to redirect your guest and rush to your Plan B recording venue (and if that's out of commission as well, postpone)

If this is a new public venue then please let the owners know what you’re doing so they’re ok with it - it can look v weird if you just sit on the corner with your guest and start recording. Owners are also much more likely to be careful of interrupting, let their staff know, and even turn down the music a bit. If, like the Wellington team, you have a venue of choice such as Golding’s Free Dive, over time you’ll get to know their rhythm, the staff and even ask for things like the music to be turned down a bit. Don’t be shy to ask BUT always thank them and share their love on your recording AND online.

It's at this time we check our “Coming soon” to see when this recording is actually scheduled to hit the ears of the world. Many guests will assume it will go up in the following few days and may have prepared some time constrained info (events, new product launches) that won't fit the schedule. We are always flexible and, if possible, can change the publishing schedule - heck, it;s out podcast and we can do what we like ... and we don't have to stuck with a Tuesday either.

Welcome the guest

After you've got to know each other, had a sup of the liquid, then run through the following spiel with them as this makes everything clear clear what will happen once you start recording and then after. Note: even this is a re-recording of a past guest, or someone that prolable does know the deal still run through the speech.

The following is what the Wellington team says, we encourage hosts to make it their own whilst ensuring they cover the highlighted parts:

Once we're happy, we’ll start the recording device, this here, and you’ll see that the indicator shows when it’s recording. I might just lean over now and again to check the recording levels and that the batteries haven’t run out.

We only have one question which we’ll ask straight away (no, I can’t tell you now, that’s the surprise of it .. don’t worry, it’s not at all tricky :). Then we’ll just have a yarn, and really we’re just gonna find out:

Why you do what you do; and How you do what you do

At some point around 30 minutes or so we’ll all stare each other in the eyes and think, “That’s about enough isn't it” and then we’ll stop.

We’ll end with a time that you can pimp out yourself, your company, any events you have coming, anything you like. Just be aware though that your episode will go live on [DATE] and so anything happening ever then will have already happened for the listeners.

Also, if you do happen to say something during our recording that a few minutes later you think better of, just say so during our recording and we’ll remove it from the final version.

And finally we’ll ask where people can find you and get in touch as they most certainly will, coz you’ll say something that will make someone change what they’re doing somehow.

Oh, and you’ll also say something that will make me lean forward and even have my jaw drop - it’s happened every recording so far and it’ll happen this time as well :)

Once we’re done we’ll upload this to the Access Granted drive and, if you need to, get a shared link so you can have a listen to the raw version.

We’ll edit the show, take out any annoying noises, um’s and aaahs, add an intro and outro and publish the final version.

Any questions?

At this point we’re ready to go start the recording.

That's how we, at Access Granted, welcome each and every guest before each recording Are there any other hints and tips people can give to ensure the best recording can be made, leave a comment ...