Vivian Chandra - Auckland, She Wants To Talk To You All

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Vivian Chandra


Wow, and with the most awesome and energetic Vivian Chandra coming on-board to cover the Auckland tech, media, and startup scene we are now a 50:50 female: male show - finally meeting our own goal!

Vivian is a true connector with a wicked sense of humour, a true powerhouse in the OMGTech world, and a woman with which you will have the most fascinating conversation.

If that's not enough she is passionate and excited by all things STEM and especially if it is about encouraging kids (and particularly girls) into tech.

As with all our hosts we are asking them two questions, this is Vivian ...

Why do you do what you do?

I am truly and absolutely excited and passionate about the benefits of technology. I am also greatly saddened by how it’s potential hasn’t been realised in society. Instead of equalising and providing opportunity, technology has been used to divide and exacerbate difference. At the crux of all that I do is this simple fact: through sheer chance, I have had the opportunity to better myself using technology, and I want to give that back. I want to do my part to make sure that everyone has that chance, that it isn’t based on where and whom you were born to. So what I ‘do’ is chip away at the Divide. I try to make tech accessible to everyone that needs it. Through educating and facilitating, meeting people where they are to make it relevant to what they need.

How do you do it?

Some days I am not sure. I know that I don’t feel happy unless I am really busy. I have been known to over-schedule vacations because “lying on a beach” is not task-worthy enough. It means that often I bite off more than I can chew! I do practice what I preach. If there is a problem I can’t solve, I will turn to technology for a solution. I read a lot and try always to be constantly learning. Also I only have minimal blood in my caffeine-stream.

Get in touch with Vivian

Vivian is all over the Internet, especially Twitter, and if you're keen to have a chat with her* for the podcast then try the following:

* we at Access Granted make no demands on the NZ-wide hosts and therefore these is nothing compelling them to talk with you - they're all working people doing it out of the love of sharing local stories so please, treat them all nicely.