A Brand New Awards Ceremony For Wellington Tech

It's with a bit of trepidation that we launch the annual WellyTech Awards Finale (WTAF) to be held each year closing Wellington's premier annual tech/ICT/computer event, #WellyTech.

Why are we doing this when there are so many awards ceremonies around New Zealand and in Wellington? In a nutshell, those awards are mostly for people in suits and reward those that have climbed the corporate / industry / national ladder.

We want to celebrate, each year, the people that Wellington knows are the unsung heroes, those that have done the things that have made a difference. This is for ALL of us, whether you wear a suit or not, whether you have the word "Senior" in your title or not, whether you work in an established organisation or not.

There are five WTAF categories.

Wind In Our Sails Award


That person you want the world to know that they are "Wellington tech and proud as!"

Walked the Talk Award


For someone that has made a difference to diversity within the Wellington tech community, and beyond

In It Together Award


They brought the people together, especially across boundaries - team to team, across departments, across organisations ...

Command Line Hero Award


For the person or team that has just made everyone go, "Wow!" with their technical prowess

High Five Award


Can't find a category for your person - this is for you.
That special person across any level and parts of the Wellington community that you want to have recognised.


2018 Nominations are now closed.