Common Hurdles We Encounter Getting People On


If people are busy then suggest a time in the future, say 6 months out - no-one is in a massive hurry and having them booked in means you have someone to look forward to.

Whilst we don’t use a fixed time and we can work around people’s schedules we do like to get something into the diary asap. One technique is to suggest 3 dates / times options with a preferred one that works for yourself - we then send the options back to them as well as setting up a calendar invite for the preferred - this would usually looks like this:

Awesome [GUEST] that you’re up for a chat, thanks so much.

Does one of the following work for you, [DATE], [DATE], [DATE}.

If you’re OK I’ll book us in [DATE] and send a calendar invite and then we can bounce around that until we’re all happy.

Access Granted is full

Sometimes our “Coming soon” can look very busy, and other times it’s as empty as a pauper's cupboard. If there isn’t a time slot available within a reasonably close date then book them further out as it’s best to have them in the calendar later than record them tomorrow and publish in 6 months times - people want to record and then hear themselves quite quickly.

Remember though, everything is negotiable - talk with the team as your person maybe AWESOME, only here for a flying visit and have something timely to say! Things can be shuffled around, special episodes can be posted out of sync and nothing is impossible.

They want a PR job done

No, we don’t do PR.

You’ll get a feeling especially if someone reaches out to you that they have a new “shiny thing” that they want to show-off, it might be a product, a service, a startup company … anything that is not about them but about their shiny thing”.

Of course people may start with their “shiny thing” and then get into the story - totally your call but be aware we won’t publish content that is obviously just PR. Our audience doesn’t want to hear it and there are many other channels for those stories to be told.

However, remember the golden rule - “If we we think someone is interesting and believe enough of the audience would think the same, let’s do it!”

Shyness, Kiwi reticence

“Oh, I have nothing to say”

Right, our response to everyone who comes up with their variance of this (many of you probably said this to us eh)

Everyone says that to us and that’s all cool. Remember, we’re not investigative journalists we’re just gonna have a chat over a beer. Also, even Rod Drury said that to us, “Oh, everyone know’s my story surely, what have I go to to say”, and so if HE can say it and we all know he’s got loads to say then you’re in good company.