It'stat Time Again

Sorry, just couldn’t resist the title … so, how we going?

Representing New Zealand’s makeup on the three measures we take note of - perhaps we should measure more, what say you - which are the guest’s gender (binary at the moment), Maori/Pacifika, and their hometown. According to Stats NZ we should be something like this:

  • 51% women / 49% men

  • 17% Māori / 8% Pacific

  • A third calling Auckland home with Christchurch and Wellington distant second and third.

So let’s see hoe we are going against the wider New Zealand population … a slight blip down in the number of women towards the end of this quarter however we are comfortable we are keeping our end up - still have never got to 50/50 though and certainly not the 51/49 we should have, grr.

Our Māori and Pasifika stats creep so so slowly in the right direction, we are not comfortable about this situation and we are no where near the 25% of the New Zealand population. We are not tracking Asian ethnicity but with a New Zealand population of 15% then if we want to be truly representative then we should - we only get better at the things we measure, isn’t that correct Rowan?

And finally let’s see where our guests hail from and what they do (according to our memory and assessment at the time - we have a number of blanks still).

Let’s start with where our guests call home at time of recording - note, this not the same as where we record.

Next we have the roles - click/tap to see any of the graphs full screen.

We keep tabs on where we record our episodes - not everyone wants to come to the pub, and it’s by a long chalk that’s our “home”..

For the first time here’s some Mailchimp stats from our fortnightly email, at the moment it’s for interests sake although it is gladdening to see that we are recently well above the industry average for opens.

Access Granted NZ - Mailchimp email client (Oct 2019).png