What To Expect When You're A Guest On The Access Granted Podcast

When you’re invited to be a guest on the podcast it can be quite daunting and perhaps you’ll feel a little nervous - hopefully this will help lessen those feelings replacing them with excitement, fun, and a sense of wanting to help our listeners with your experience and skills.

What we will ask you

One question is what we tell everyone we have prepared and it is true, ish.

Once the equipment is turned on we do have to check recording levels and we do that be asking, “What did you have for breakfast?”. Your answer will, no doubt prompt conversation - you’d be surprised.

Then we’re into the recording and, once we’ve asked our opening question to kick off proceedings we will follow the conversation with only 2 prepared questions (see below). We’ll certainly ask you to let the listeners know who you are, what you do, and if appropriate why you’re on the podcast (you may be part of an event, have something momentous to announce, or merely passing through New Zealand).

We’ll pop in


Our most important question, and one we will use a lot is, “Why?”

In essence we are keen to “get the gold”, this can be something you did (and why), someone you connected (and why), teams you’ve moved on from (and why), tech you use (and why) … you get the deal.

How a recording flows

Over the hour or so you can expect a recording to go something like this:

  1. You turn up
    You will have agreed a date / time and venue - it’s probably from the calendar event that you’re reading this.

  2. Settle in
    Host will get you a drink (anything from a water to a pint of gin, depending upon your location and requirements). You’ll have a chat, get comfy, and get into it.

  3. Equipment on
    The recording device will be turned on, lapel mics maybe be offered, sound checks are done (“What did you have for breakfast?”)

  4. Small intro
    The host will set the scene as to where you are, your name and then …

  5. Our opening question

  6. … and away we go …

  7. A standard question we’ll pop in at some point
    We love hearing people’s passions, and will ask something like, “What keeps you doing what you do each day?”

  8. Final question wrapping up the conversation
    “What do you wish you'd been told and really taken on-board when you were 2 years into your career?” - think of yourself listening to the podcast and wish you could really have yourself listen to a message, what would it be?

  9. Share future events, and any news
    As you’re finishing we’ll pop in, “Is there anything that you’d really like listeners to know that we’ve not talked about?” - your time to pass on any updates, upcoming events, job opportunities, and, anything you wish to pas on.

  10. Share your contact details
    And we’ll close with, “How can people get in touch?” - online profiles, phone numbers, office addresses, whatever it is you’re comfortable letting the public know.

  11. Equipment off

  12. Check in
    You’ll be asked if there’s anything you want to remove, do you need a copy to review

  13. And you’re done …

What happens once you’re done recording

Once the recording is done the raw file is uploaded to Access Granted NZ and If you need a copy this will be shared with you.

The hosts will record an intro / outro to your episode which is then added during the editing process which will also clean up the recording, possibly shorten the recording, take out the parts you’ve indicated, and generally aim for a smooth listening experience.

After that - it is published everywhere, check out the places you can listen at and subscribe to. We will also create a post and share it on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn tagging you in where we can.

Some hints and tips

  • We rarely do a live recording (we’ll tell you if we are)
    This means you can make mistakes, have long pauses, stumble over your words, stop and start, and even have a mild rant off topic knowing that it will all be gone in the edit.

  • We are not investigative journalists
    Whilst each of our hosts have their own style none of us are working at 60 Minutes. We have no desire to embarrass you, to dig into any area you do not wish to go, to pick at any scabs, or to “get the goss”. Of course, being curious humans we will follow any path you take us down.

  • Saying something you then regret is not an issue
    During the recording you may say something shocking and scurrilous, apart from you and the hosts this will never go anywhere IF you tell the hosts to remove it.

  • You can review your recording
    At the end of each recording you will be asked, “Are you OK with that, is there anything you’d like to take out?” If you’re unsure you can get a copy of the raw/unedited recording, have a listen and let the team know if there is anything you need to remove.

  • Yes, your internal Comms team can double check what you’ve said before it goes live
    As per the previous note, let the hosts know where to send the recording for review.
    Please let your Comms people there is a publication schedule.

  • Prepare yourself with your contact details, future events, and any news
    At the end of the recording we ask you to share where people can get in touch with you. We will also ask if you have any events, future news, or anything else coming up that you’d like people to know - check your recording publication date