3 Podcast Elements You Need - Title, Logo, and Description

Before you even think about putting out your new podcast, we would say even before you think you’ve finished editing your very first recording, you are going to need:

  • A podcast name

  • A podcast logo

  • A podcast description

Why before editing, because you are going to have to say, ‘Welcome to [INSERT PODCAST NAME] …”

Podcast name

You will send ages coming up with the perfect name … and then you’ll hate it, and then you’ll love it. Go with some generic that allows breathing space - “"Mike Chats With Miramar People” may be how you start but you’re likely to change very quickly, so something like, “Mike Talks To Interesting people” is broader and gives you mow scope to change around and grow int he future.

Podcast logo (“cover”)

Who knows what makes a good one - one with a human face, that is clear on the tinniest of Apple phone screens and yet scales up to your HD TV. We point you to this advice with the caveat that we haven;t taken any of this advice:

Podcast description

You’ll need to expand on your pithy tag line (did we not mention you’ll need one of those as well), as well as adding in the host(s) names. This is, of course, your chance to be search engine friendly and is what people make their decisions upon when reviewing be podcasts, as well as tour latest episode.