Publishing Your Podcast

Once you’ve edited your podcast and it’s sitting there on your laptop or some-such now what?
How do you actually get it out there and into people’s ears?

This is where the concept of a podcast host comes in. BUT, before we let you know which we use and what else is out there you can, of course, run your own and here’s why. This article from James Cridland is interesting, “What I learnt" from hosting when self-hosting my own podcast”.

But, we aren’t those types of people and so we have others run the server software and utilise the online services that host and distribute our podcast episodes for us.

We use Spreaker, and tbh it’s the only one we can really talk about, however their are many others, notably:

(by god, the names of these services are terrible aren’t they, reminiscent of web 2.0)

So, you choose your service … we recommend one that has a free beginners service that you can, if you want, pay to grow into. We started with a free Spreaker account and have slowly upped our storage capability and feature list as required. At the beginning you don’t really care much beyond having somewhere to stuck your audio, something that gets it out there, and something that give you basic stats (more on that in a future article).

At the very least you should ensure that your podcast hosting service shares it via the following methods:

Anything else such as Soundcloud, YouTube, iHeartRadio, and the multitude of podcast apps is a bonus

Ok, so you’ve chosen your service, what will you now need your prepared podcast name, logo, and description to set it all up.

All you need to do now is create a new episode within your podcast, upload your gloriously and lovingly edited recording file, enter an episode specific info such as:

  • Episode specific artwork / cover - we use guest photos for this

  • Description - who / what are you talking about on this episode

  • Tags - some allow you to tag your episode, eg “newzealand tech auckland data cto”

  • Where to share - make sure iTunes at the very least is ticked

And then, push the Go/Save/Publish button … and you are live!

Anyone can now subscribe to your podcast, link to it via your chosen podcast service, find it on iTunes, search for it on Google … you have published a podcast and it is out there. But will anyone find it, how do you tell the world it’s there, in the next article we let you know how we do it.