3 Lessons For New Podcasters From Chris

Wellingtonian and AG friend of the show, Chris Desmond, has been celebrating his Uncomfortable Is OK Podcast 3rd birthday and reached out for questions to ask him, and of course we chipped in with, “What's changed between episode 1 and the latest episode - both in how you do the podcast, and what you talk aboitt [sic]

1: The level of discomfort will fade

When I first started out I was absolutely petrified

Chris talks about how nervous he was about asking questions, getting things right, and not offending anyone at the beginning. Chris is also now much more comfortable just sitting and talking into a microphone, on his own, in a room, all alone (which as he says is pretty weird when you think about it) - in fact Chris now finds that whole process reasonably cathartic.

Chris has also found that over the years his own confidence in his own views and imparting them, whether in a podcast conversation or generally … and we applaud and echo that as it’s a little talked about reason to do your own podcast.

2: Leaving your preconceived direction of a recording

When I started out I tried to map out everything … but I really enjoy the conversation a lot more when I’m engaged with it.

Whilst Chris has a direction he’d like the conversation to go but, much like ourselves, he finds that the best bits from the conversation come when he sees a thread and pulls on it and they race down a rabbit hole.

This is almost exactly how we run our conversations - check out what to expect when you're a guest on the Access Granted podcast (maybe we’re a bit too loose, what do you think?)

Having said that Chris finds getting details, how and why, behind people’s stories can often be nice but the bits that listeners can take away and implement themselves takes a little bit of digging.

3: Get yourself an editor

Hah, this was gold. Amongst all the technical gubbings that Chris still uses from episode 1 his biggest change has been to recognise that he is not an editor. He doesn’t enjoy it and, self confessed, not very good at it, so for the last year he has used the services of someone that is an editor.

Oh my gosh, we have heard so many podcasts that have fallen by the wayside because of editing. It is THE single biggest time consumer, skill set required, and hated by many in the podcasting world. Of course not everyone hates editing … and when you find that person, LOVE THEM FOREVER

It’s now time for us to raise our hats to the Access Granted Editor-In-Chief, The Maker Of Sounds Smooth, The Um Destroyer, The Stitch Together-er Supreme, our very own Raj. THANK YOU!!!

And finally, massive congrats to Chris and editor for consistently and regularly publishing one of New Zealand’s top podcasts.