We Are 5 Today - THANK YOU!

Allow us a few moments of self reflection and celebration as we reach quite a milestone in New Zealand podcasts, FIVE YEARS!

Our first real podcast of Access Granted (that you have come to know and love) was episode 3 when Raj and Mike realised that filling a weekly show with events, news, and gossip entailed a shit tonne of work and there was no way they could sustain it. Mike reached out to his mate Victoria MacLennan and asked if she would up for having a chat - history was made when she said, “Of course".:

A few merged (news + interview) episodes later we were told in no uncertain terms by show friend Owen Evans that, “The news I’ve already seen, the events are OK, and everyone knows Mike’s views on stuff. but the interviews they are gold, keep them coming”. We instantly dropped everything and focused on the interviews.

And here we are, 5 years later and 234 episodes, 361 guests, a 1,000+ listeners, and a regular email newsletter going out to 850+ awesome people.

What does a podcast do to celebrate a 5th birthday - they say THANK YOU!

Thank you to Mike and Raj for starting it all.
Thank you for all the co-hosts and regulars over the years: Viv, Dave, Pascale, aurynn, and Hiria.
Thank you to our patrons for donating to our ongoing journey, it all helps us reach a larger audience.
Thank you to our loyal supporters, especially Jono Tucker, VIc MacLennan, Jessica Manins, Gavin Knight, Kate Kolich, the past & present staff at Golding’s Free Dive, and Dominic at Hashigo Zake.

Thank you to each and every guest that has agreed to be on the show … we are indebted to each and everyone of you for allowing us to go behind your scenes, opening up to us, and sharing your particular journey. We know that employment has occurred, friendships have been made, lessons have been learnt, and a community has grown to understand each other because of the sharing.

Finally, THANK YOU, to our listeners. Whether you’ve popped in for one particular episode, were with there at the beginning and have faded away, are recent fans, or are of the loyal and amazing contingent that listen every week - we can’t say how much we love you, appreciate your feedback, and stick with us through thick and thin.

Here’s to many MANY more guests from all over New Zealand (Dunedin, we’re looking at you!), and to 5 more years of being, “the Country Calendar of tech”.

As a reflection of our time we’re gonna try and catch up with a few from the archives and see how the past years have treated them … but who? Check out the archives and let us know using the form below.

And finally, memories …