Who Do We Talk To - Let's Find Out

Most people, especially “PR handlers”, want to know two numbers - how big is the audience (around 1,500+ unique listens but it fluctuates per episode) and what is the makeup of the listeners (no idea).

A more interesting question to us is are we representing the makeup of New Zealand (gender, race, location etc) and are we the covering the types of people that our handsome and highly intelligent listeners want to hear. To answer this we have started roughly (and we mean very roughly) categorising people by “job sort” - are they a CEO, a designer, a developer, or what? This is our fist cut at doing this, we have a number of people we haven’t manged to tag yet but we’ll get better.

As we say we’ll get better at not only retro-fitting some “job titles” to our past guests but also in smoothing out the graph - this does beg the question WHAT SORT of people are you interested in?

Our ongoing focus upon ensuring our episodes reflect NZ’s makeup of Māori and Pasifika is starting to pick up - mostly thanks to Viv.

And finally making sure we represent the ever growing women that work in tech (“Can’t be what you can’t see”) trucks long nicely although we can’t take our eye of the road and we have had a slight dip in the last quarter.

Finally here’s two graphs that could concern us but really they reflect where we are in Aotearoa and our predilection for certain types of venues - an NO, it’s not all bars :)

It’s awesome that Viv is representing the big city (Auckland) and here’s to many more … now, Dunedin, what do we need to do to get you on the graph, let us know who, when, where, and why …