Quality In Everything We Do

That article title is a goal, could even be a mission statement, but we really do want to be excellent in what we do, the quality of the guests, the recording of them, getting their stories out there, and the events we run.

For a long time we have been, quite rightly, berated for the quality of our recordings, from the days of the iPhone on a hat to the heady day of the Zoom H1 recorder* + lapel mics recommended by Jono Tucker from Empire Films.. Part of this is the venues we choose to record within, public places and a lot of bars, keeping our organic style of conversation real - who needs more PR style.

Our minimal setup was starting to bloat and for a while the quality was OK, but not always good, so we persevered with our set up and tweaked what we could, “fixing it in post”.. We would record, upload to Google Drive, download to laptop, edit, create the final file, upload to Spreaker and backups and then publish.

But it’s time for next level audio.

Then we had an opportunity to try out a Blue Yeti Nano microphone via another long time friend of the podcast Mauricio Freitas reached out and connected us with the team behind Blue Microphones in Australia.

The Blue Yeti Nano set up was simple: one USB plug straight into your favourite device e.g, phone, laptop or tablet (with a bit of #donglelife). We tested our setup

The quality is next level!

We now record using Blue Yeti Nano + GarageBand on the iPad. There is less work involved with adjusting sound quality slowing us to focus on the guest. BONUS: since we are using a tablet, Raj can edit anywhere, exporting straight to our platform. - in fact he now edits on the bus now freeing up his evenings and weekends.

It’s not just better quality but the setup is a much simpler set up. Win/Win!

* The Zoom H1 is still very useful as we use it to record our System Error open sessions as the recorder can be passed around to each speaker.