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We kickoff with thanking all those that have pledge to the Whare Hauoraproject, before sharing the amazing life and work of VR rockstar Simon Che de Boer, hw to live an uncomfortable life with Chris Desmond, before ending with sa cracking female majority at our #WellyTech community recording, System Error.

We have the details about our shop, links from the show stars, our featured video, who's coming next on the podcast and any news and updates. 


Join the hikoi to healthier Kiwi homes

And boy are we chuffed to be announcing our Healthy Homes Hikoi as we follow the Hiria Te Rangi and the Whare Hauora team with their start up journey. We are also honoured to have two amazing episodes to share with you as both Edwina Mistry and Paul Ramsay bringing a sense of stability, experience and genuine caring to the New Zealand tech industry.

We also notice that the Techweek NZ team have been busy chopping up our live broadcasts into separate videos - makes for great viewing.

And as always, thanks for your time and see you TOMORROW and next with more tech people sharing their own stories. 


Time To Support the Kiwi Tech

This week we are proudly supporting Kiwi with out conversations with Maddy King from Te Mārama and Hiria Te Rangi of Whare Hauora. Both exemplify all that we New Zealander's think about ourselves - punching above our weight, making an impact on the international stage, looking after each other, having fun, and making a difference through sheer bloody hard work.

Have a listen but also follow the links and show your support!


🎶 The big shop is open, it's a wonderful world 🎶

This week we have:

  • A consultancy chat with Paul Fraser
  • A recording of the NZRise chat between John Edwards (NZ Privacy Commissioner) and Miki Szikszai (Snapper CEO)
  • A game maker's adventure episode with Maru Nihoniho
  • Opened our online shop
  • Pulled finger and got ourselves onto Soundcloud

... what did you get up to ;)

And as always, thanks for your time and see you next week with more tech people sharing their own stories. 

Ka kite anō au i a koutou

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Techweek TV - that was the week that was

It is certainly the week after the week that was and we hope you've all recovered from the Techweek bonanza.

As you hopefully know we visited Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, and Christchurch to broadcast live on Facebook. It was fun, amazing, tiring, stressful, and something to be repeated! But most of all we talked to wonderful people that had gold to share - make sure you don't miss out.

Alongside our Techweek TV posts we also had time to pop up the Mobile Refresh conference crew and Hamish McGregor from kin2kin.


Ka kite anō au i a koutou

PS: Send congrats to the Mārama In Space team for winning the first ever New Zealand chapter of the international ActInSpace 24 hour hackathon, they're off to France to represent us all!


Techweek TV, Artificial Intelligence amongst a month of episodes

This week we're all about next week's Techweek and especially our Facebook Live streaming from all the headline events, Monday to Friday - join us, post questions, and see how many times Mike accidentally swears!

We also have the past 4 weeks worth of amazing episodes for you. Remember, this ad-hoic email doesn't mean new shows aren't going up weekly, best to subscribe and have them automatically appear in your podcast listening app.


Adam Blackwell and not getting too excited in the US

This week we have a chat with Adam Blackwell of Stun Sells and Showcase in which he discusses why Powerpoint doesn't work, how storytelling is all and some tips on trying to sell in the US.

Here's what's also in store for you in this week's email:

  • Adam Blackwell
  • See YOU tomorrow for the System Error recording
  • Laptop Stickers - reply to get yours
  • Links: paper.li, She can code!, Techweek YouTube


Long time for radio silence - but LOTS of episodes

Gosh, it's no longer summer which is when we sent out our last email - sorry for the radio silence, We've been busy though, with episodes going up each week during 2018 (subscribe). We won't list all the details from the 2018 podcasts but link to each one - please share your favourites.

We also have some Techweek news, our quarterly stats, and laptop stickers to give away ... so, let's crack into it.


2018 - 4 episodes in and it's prediction time

Kia ora <<First Name>>, and thanks so much for tuning into Access Granted, your weekly tech and media podcast.

We're back and we're tanned - we hope you've had a cracking holiday, rested and ready to get back into the exciting year ahead.

We've been busy already and have FOUR podcasts up for you:

  • Josh Forde – Rabid about software and social good
    Josh, co-founder of Rabid Technologies, talks about where they are taking the company, the challenges within, and are now looking at supporting "social good" both inside New Zealand and abroad.
  • Jo Eggers - Deep Inside The Machine
    Jo works as senior project administrator inside New Zealand central Government and we can to chat about what it's like being deep inside the machine.
  • Deborah Robb - Loving Life and Banking
    Deborah is a powerhouse of positivity, joie de vivre, and seeing all things glass half full. Working in, and loving  the world of banking we go on a journey from South Africa to New Zealand.
  • Jim Donovan - Professional Director Changing The World In Big Ways
    Jim loves change and positive disruption! After leading many British and New Zealand companies is now a professional company director with wide industry experience, particularly in technology-based businesses, pan-industry bodies, and the research & education sectors.

With our links this week we're looking ahead with some Kiwi tech predictions for 2018. From us you can expect more amazing podcasts from around New Zealand from the team, focused series with much higher production values, a new series called, "Marketing Secrets" and something very special during TechWeek 2018.


Pia Waugh and Julie Treanor talk about openness, changing the government and people

Two cracking interviews with women that truly get stuff done but both don't ever want to do it alone and work with people.

First up is Pia Andrews (recently married, you probably know her as Pia Waugh) is a deep thinker, a deliciously cohesive speaker and one of the most active and effective people we have ever met when it comes to making changes in how governments work.

And then we have Julie Treanor who has worked in "HR / leadership" (people focussed areas) at all levels of the corporate ladder but recently decided to stride out on her own and found herself in Wellington's startups world.

Here's what's also in store for you in this week's email:

  • A Packed Year, How Did We Do In The Stats?
  • Check Out The "Collections"
  • 2018 We're Going To Do Series, BUT On What?
  • Links: NZ Startup Ecosystem Map, Build Don't Burn and Women in Data Science NZ


That Was #WellyTech 2017, plus TWO podcast interviews plus ONE bit of news

This week we recover from the incredible #WellyTech 2017 Christmas Do by asking you, "What did you think of it?"

We also have TWO brilliant podcasts to share with you as well some fine links to pass on.

First up is Natalia Albert who has both a diverse and a focused career as she works through what it means to be a woman immigrant arriving in New Zealand - powerful conversation.

And secondly is Aliesha Staples with all things AR / VR in Auckland as we welcome Vaughan Rowsell to the "I have published a podcast" gang.

Here's what's in store for you in this week's email:

  • #WellyTech - look back at photos, video and tweets
  • Feedback: After the thanks, the reality
  • 2018 We're Going To Do Series, BUT On What?
  • Links: Algorithms, Uber, Networking Tips ... And Don't Do A Podcast


Get out of the building with Miki, CEO of Snapper

Miki Szikszai, CEO of Snapper, is not only a fantastic speaker (Raj loves his dulcet tones), a solid supporter of the New Zealand tech scene and those entering the industry, he also has a deep and fascinating reason for WHY he does what he does.

As well as Miki we have a few updates on the party next week:

  • Our Contribution To #WellyTech 2017
  • #WellyTech 2017 Code of Conduct
  • Links: None-ish

Thanks for your time and see you next week at the #WellyTech Xmas Do in the Westpac Stadium with more tech people sharing their own stories. 


Getting real with AR/VR and getting tickets to the party

This week we talk to Rachel Hatch and how her VR kiwi team are bringing the VR and physical worlds closer together. And, with 2 weeks to go and 750 tickets gone for the #WellyTech party more reasons to come and how to secure yours space.

  • Neonatal Trust And The Special #WellyTech Auction
  • TechWeek: Popping bubbles | Access Granted on the power of community
  • 2018 We're Going To Do Series, BUT On What?

Thanks for your time and see you next week with more tech people sharing their own stories. 


Lukasz Zawilski – Turkeys are never gonna vote for Christmas ... but you will

This week we are all about surviving the impending season of goodwill, looking forward to 2018 and sharing Lukasz Zawilski (CIO of NZQA) who is an entertaining and very informative fella, it was so much fun talking to him about the idea of having a Govt CTO, and much more.

  • Time To Chill, But How?
  • 3 Reasons To Come To The #WellyTech Xmas Party
  • 2018 We're Going To Do Series, BUT On What?
  • Links: Surviving Data, New Zealand and Startups


Alex Clark crowdfunding journalism and #WellyTech Xmas Party

This week we are gonna be direct and to the point as we have a LOT of organising to get back to with the upcoming #WellyTech Xmas Party

  • LISTEN: To Alex Clark, founder and CEO of PressPatron
  • REGISTER: #WellyTech Xmas Party is rushing towards us
  • READ: Take some down time and check out the fascinating links


Delightfully subversive with Chris Cormack

In a packed show tonight we kick off with the "delightfully subversive" Chris Cormack, a driving forces behind Koha whilst working inside Catalyst IT.

We have updates galore, links a-plenty and #WellyTech Xmas Party news

  • #WellyTech Christmas Party 20127 - register now
  • October System Error recording - join us
  • Amazon Alexa Now With Access Granted Podcast via Spreaker
  • 9 Ways To Podcast Better, including "Listen To Your Own Podcast"
  • TechWeek18, "Innovation that’s good for the world."


Tauranga delivers, #WellyTech Xmas Party and Creative in Wellington

We are chuffed to pieces to publish Pascale Hyboud-Peron's first episode as recorded in Tauranga. Pascale has a grant chat with  Murray Clode (Artpreneur, yes it is a thing) and if you are into non linear journeys, Murray’s story is one of a kind.

The blog has some two very special links for you this week:

  • #WellyTech Christmas Party 20127 - register now
  • October System Error recording - join us


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Tiger Mum's, #MHAWNZ and some live shows

It's our pleasure to have weekly conversations with amazing, passionate and insightful people and this week we bring you Vivian Chandra (OMGTech) who is passionate about many things, CRM’s, data, and ensuring kids are not left behind..

The blog has some very cool links for you this week:

  • 2016, A Quieter Year Full Of Awesome
  • Live recordings - join us
  • Wellington Podcasters Unite
  • Links: including a wonderful #MHAWNZ article