That Was #WellyTech 2017, plus TWO podcast interviews plus ONE bit of news

This week we recover from the incredible #WellyTech 2017 Christmas Do by asking you, "What did you think of it?"

We also have TWO brilliant podcasts to share with you as well some fine links to pass on.

First up is Natalia Albert who has both a diverse and a focused career as she works through what it means to be a woman immigrant arriving in New Zealand - powerful conversation.

And secondly is Aliesha Staples with all things AR / VR in Auckland as we welcome Vaughan Rowsell to the "I have published a podcast" gang.

Here's what's in store for you in this week's email:

  • #WellyTech - look back at photos, video and tweets
  • Feedback: After the thanks, the reality
  • 2018 We're Going To Do Series, BUT On What?
  • Links: Algorithms, Uber, Networking Tips ... And Don't Do A Podcast