Welcome (or sorry) - in a packed VR show tonight we focus on generosity

"Why am I getting this email!?!?"

Our mistake was to ask those that came to the #WellyTech 2017 event, via our questionnaire, if they wanted to join the fortnightly email to which tonnes of you said YES ... but we forgot to ask for your email address.

To fix our booboo we've added everyone ... and if you're not happy then please accept our apologies and unsubscribe immediately - link at the bottom of this email or push reply and let us know (be kind) so we can do it for you.

What we have for you below

We kickoff with thanking all those that have pledge to the Whare Hauoraproject, before sharing the amazing life and work of VR rockstar Simon Che de Boer, hw to live an uncomfortable life with Chris Desmond, before ending with sa cracking female majority at our #WellyTech community recording, System Error.

We have the details about our shop, links from the show stars, our featured video, who's coming next on the podcast and any news and updates.