Tips to growth, running events, and walking the hard path

All of our episodes come with hints, tips, and traps for the young players - it's one of the reasons we love gto share the wisdom of those that have been there and done it. On the other hand it's equally fascinating to hear the weird and wonderful paths that everyone takes and both Andrew Mayfield (CEO of Optimal Workshop), and Nat Dudley (Head of Design at Figure.NZ) supply both - the gold in their wisdom, and the fun in their origin stories 

We also have updated news about this year's #WellyTech event to be held at the Westpac Stadium on Friday 30th November (4pm-7pm)

We have our weekly Whare Hauora catch up (this time from the US of A), our shop, links from the show stars, our featured video, who's coming next on the podcast and any news and updates.