If you love what we do, it would be great to have you become a supporter! Our campaign is focused on empowering us to be financially sustainable through community donations, so that we have a strong income stream for our organisation as we look towards the future.

Your contribution will go towards the costs of hosting our website, editorial expenses and maintaining our searchable archive. Our long-term vision is to up our game with the recording quality, enhance the scope and depth of our shows and to make payments to contributors in other New Zealand centres.

Thank you for believing in our mission. To aupport Kiwi tech, simply choose how you want to be a part of the journey below.

Mike and Raj

PS: No problem if you can't contribute, our podcasts will always be free and open access and you're welcome to continue enjoying them for as long you want.



What is PressPatron?

Access Granted has partnered with PressPatron, a Kiwi crowdfunding platform that makes it easy to support blogs and journalism websites. Please be aware that PressPatron is at the beta stage of its launch, and their team are continuing to make improvements. Their platform is fully functional, but you might notice some minor bugs. They’d love to hear your feedback, and can be contacted here.

How can I manage my payment preferences?

Once you have contributed, you will be given the option of creating a PressPatron account to manage your payment preferences. Your supporter dashboard will provide you an overview of your contributions, as well as an interface for editing your payment details. If you already have an account, you can login here.

Got any other questions?

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What Is Podbean Patron Program?

Podbean’s patron program allows podcast fans to support their favorite podcasts financially (“become a patron”) with monthly pledges.
It is just for podcasters and was designed to give podcast listeners the most seamless way (directly via Podbean’s player app or by clicking a badge on your site; simplified donation process) to support podcasts on an ongoing basis. Podbean crowdfunding is designed and managed by Podbean.com and is not affiliated with any other crowdfunding platforms. Users are not required to host their podcast on Podbean.

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