We previously shared stories of tech, social media, and startup enthusiasts from New Zealand.

While numerous tech podcasts predominantly feature American or English hosts, both Mike and Raj recognized the wealth of tech talent in New Zealand with distinctive Kiwi voices, capable of inspiring, educating, entertaining, and intriguing. Consequently, they embarked on a mission to record and distribute these stories.

The format of the show was laid-back conversations with guests, often accompanied by their favorite beverage or conducted through technical means like Skype. These conversations delved into the reasons driving their professional pursuits. The hosts weren’t investigative journalists, didn’t exclusively focus on products or businesses (though these topics naturally emerged), and didn’t anticipate becoming headline-makers. In fact, they typically only had one prepared question.

Access Granted firmly believed that everyone possesses unique and valuable narratives. Every episode managed to elicit moments of awe from the audience. Each show concluded by asking guests how they could be reached, facilitating further discussions between listeners and the featured individuals.

Crucially, Access Granted never considered these stories as exclusively theirs. They actively encouraged people to share them broadly under a Creative Commons license.