Mobile Refresh 2018

Chats with nearly all the 2018 Mobile Refresh speakers and organisers during the conference held in Wellington on 7th September. This was the third annual conference that sees itself growing and growing - don’t miss out on 2019,

We asked each of the speakers 3 questions:

  1. Who are you?

  2. What bring you to 2018 Mobile Refresh?

  3. What did you tell the session attendees?

Enjoy the answers from the following (not in order):

  • Zarah Dominguez - Keynote - 12 Years On: A Retrospective

  • Ilia Kopylov - Breaking the ice with Natural Language Processing

  • Inaki Villar - Dexs, R8 & 3.2

  • Sam Jarman & Jie Li - Android and iOS, a 100% fully serious comparison

  • Bridget Cowie - Golang ❤️ Mobile

  • Luke Sleeman - Build Better Android Apps with Vector Assets

  • Michal Pearse - Superheroes & Forgetful teenagers Remote Device Management for iOS

  • Christie Davis & Valerie Chan - iRow, Practical Machine Learning in iOS

  • Enrique Manas Lopez - TensorFlow for Mobile Developers

  • Jennifer Doherty - But doesn’t everyone with a smartphone speak English

  • Nazlina Quadir - The Power of Storytelling - My Accidental Journey as a WomenTechmakers

  • Tony Parrott - Mobile Testing, Automation, Manual or Hybrid

  • Kate Henderson + Kai Koenig - Conference organisers

PS: It was Onesie Day in Wellington, hence the swish onesie tuxedo that Mike is wearing