#WiDSWellington Event Day

Note: you should also listen to part 1 and part 2 of the #WiDSWellington 2019 Speaker series.

The day of the event and we got to catch-up with a staaaaaack of people including ALL of the speakers not already represented on the podcast (see above), and all of the exhibitors. We asked 3 simple questions 1) Who are you; 2) Who are you representing; 3) Why this event?

With so many people to talk with this is both a long podcast AND we have added timestamps / chapters for you to skootle forward to the people you want to hear from.

1.35: Speakers Frances and Donna

Frances Krsinich (MBIE) and Donna Cormack (Senior Research Fellow, Te Rōpū Rangahau Hauora a Eru Pomare, University of Otago, Wellington)

10.44: Sponsor

Fiona Thomson (Analytics Manager at the Social Investment Agency) with colleagues Akaliesh and Simon.

18.38: Speaker Lisa

Lisa Chen – Chief Analytics Officer at Harmonic Analytics

22.12: Sponsor

Akash Jattan representing Revera and Qrious.

25.14: Speaker Ake

Dr Sally (Ake) Nicholas – lecturer in linguistics at Massey University.

34.17: Sponsor

Mandy and Andrew from Red Hat.

42.31: Speakers Kathryn, Nasca, and Vidette

Dr Kathryn Hempstalk – Head of Data and Insights at Trade Me.

Nasca Peng – Nasca is a statistical analyst and the leader of confidentiality network in Stats NZ.

Vidette McGregor – Group Manager of the Population Modelling group at NIWA.

52.22: Sponsor

Joss from Stats NZ (Open Data Programme)

57.35: Speaker Liz

Liz MacPherson – Government Statistician, Chief Executive of Stats NZ, and the Government’’s Chief Data Steward.

105.33: Sponsor

Sunesh Samarasingh from Enterprise IT.

112.15: Sponsor

Evelyn and Antonia from MBIE.

It was a big day for Mike and Raj, thanks to all that gave their time and a massive shout-out to the organisers of #WiDSWellington 2019, Kate Kolich and Mary-Ellen Gordon.

Below are a sample of the event photos we took - many more in our photo album …